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Mylai Thiruvalluvar Tamizh Sangam

(A non-profit Tax Exempted Service Oriented Rainbow HRD, N.G.O.)
(Registered under Societies Act 27 of 1975, Regn.No.50/93, NGO Unique ID: TN/2020/0256804)

Vision :

Transformation of Human Resources into Human Capital for Nation Building following the Principles of Thiruvalluvar – a Divine Poet who contributed Thirukkural – Nectar of Life to the entire world and insists that every human being should promote Art and Science as their two eyes.

Mission :

1. Skill Development Programmes for the Rural Youth and their placement
2. Entrepreneurs Development Programmes for the Youth and Women
3. Organise Self-help groups, Impart Life Education and Women Empowerment
4. Arivukkalanjiyam Awards Competitions for the Children, Youth, Women and Senior Citizens.
5. Science Communication, Multi-Media awareness programmes for the youth and women
6. Community Radio Station for creating Social Awareness, Health Hygiene and Scientific Temper.
7. To provide Residential Advanced Training to the Arivukkalanjiyam Awardees according to their talents exhibited over the years from the childhood to youth and they will be given suitable opportunities in the global activities.


வாழ்க வாழ்க!! திருவள்ளுவர் வாழ்க!!
வளர்க! வளர்க!! திருக்குறள் நெறி வளர்க!!
திருக்குறள் உலகப் பொதுமறை!
உன்னதத் தமிழ் மறை!!
திருக்குறள் நெறியே தமிழர் நெறி! அதுவே
உலக நெறி! உன்னத நெறி!!
விரும்பு விரும்பியதைப் பெறு!
பெற்றதில் வெற்றி பெறு!!

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